Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum

Hey, Heidi Klum! You're looking so...pregnant. How many kids will this be? Don't you already have, like, 12? Are you trying to outdo Angelina Jolie? You know they didn't all come from her superwomb, right? She adopts like crazy. Something to consider if you want to even the playing field.

Just to be perfectly clear: we have NO problem at all with you being preggers again. Frankly, we think it's kind of awesome that someone who's built a career around her killer body feels perfectly comfortable wrecking it -- or at least distorting it for several months at a time. But then, you've always done a great job of losing baby weight. We're sure you will again, knock on wood.

The body of your car, however, is a different matter. Given the number of bodies you're accumulating in your own private beergarten, the practicality of a Bentley Continental GTC seems a little iffy. Sure, you can cram in the baby seats now, but before you know it, that army of future models/pop stars is going to need more room. What then? Perhaps a return to your roots with, say, a Volkswagen Routan? That would be awfully good publicity -- provided fellow model Brooke Shields can keep the thing around. (Word on the street says she can't.)

We should also mention that you look a little...cold in this shot. Not that that's a problem -- heck, you've been topless on billboards, so what are a couple of party hats? However, we're guessing the chill comes from your Bentley's pumpin' AC system, not the sweltering LA sidewalk. You might want to approach the folks at the Volkswagen Group and see about scoring an endorsement deal for your nipples. Diapers are expensive, you know.