LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes

We were so ready not to care about the latest woes of country music slice-of-angel-food-cake LeAnn Rimes. We know what it's like to be ignored by the CMAs, we know what it's like to be 26 and dolled up like a Varga girl for publicity purposes. We know what it's like to have Wynonna Judd stare at you with that hungry look. Check, please.

Then Rimes went and had the Best Weekend Ever by being involved in a hit and run AND by shagging balls--golf balls--with tightly rolled human Cuban cigar Eddie Cibrian.

Rimes was involved in an accident in west Los Angeles late Thursday night and police questioned the 26-year-old Jackson, Mississippi, native afterwards. We're still not clear on what actually happened to Rimes, the car, or whatever she hit, but her agent is totally confident all will be cleared up soon.

Earlier this year, Rimes separated from her husband Dean Sheremet. Cibrian also has separated from his wife.

Until now, Rimes had been most famous for knocking a mock-Patsy Cline tune out of the park with her debut single (Blue), then singing a love song to Jesus for the Con Air soundtrack (I Need You), and then having a very un-Christ-like tiff with producers over the song quality, and then tipping her diva hand by releasing it on her own.

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