Wrecked Car

Wrecked Car

It's been all of eight minutes since we posted last. Is eight enough to tell you about the reality-TV star who may have caused an accident, and then may have simply driven away from the scene?

BlindGossip says the on-camera car wrecker has been part of a show--showing she's still married all of last season despite an actual breakup sometime last year. During the season past, this person kept it together for the sake of the...kids? Maybe dollars? Definitely dollars.

Kept it together, except behind the wheel. The reality actor in question hit a car with her own last year, so goes the story, and drove off, believing a TV show gets you out of such things. The star went home, only to be met by police. Her reaction? A shoutdown. "You can't charge me--I'm a public figure!"

No charges were filed and the incident certainly didn't make the show's final cut. Did some of her new money make it to the right hands?

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