Some say it's anathema to Porsche's sportscar heritage, but surely it's no more so than the Cayenne. Others argue it's the logical extension of the Porsche brand, or at worst a necessary evil to keep Porsche in the business of building those wonderful 911s. But whatever your feelings about the 2010 Panamera, it's clearly a very serious sedan.

Serious in terms of performance, capability and features, a point illustrated today by Porsche's announcement of the wide range of customization options for the Panamera.

Starting with materials such as leather, wood, aluminum and carbon fiber, Porsche melds the raw stuff into a finely finished product, able to be tailored to the individual buyer's needs through its Porsche Exclusive & Tequipment arm.

Some examples include the Yachting Mahogany wood trim panels available on the dashboard, center console and doors, plus grab handles and finally the steering wheel. An Interior Package adds body color elements to the air vents and the key fob, and the classic Porsche logo is also available on the headrests.

The Rear Seat Entertainment System offers individual seatback-mounted CD/DVD players, infrared cordless headsets, AV inputs and game console and iPod interfaces.

On the outside of the Panamera, buyers can add special body color air intake and outlet grids, plus a custom lower rear panel and rear diffuser also in body color.

For those that simply can't get enough of the Porsche Tequipment style, there are also luggage racks, roof transport systems, bicylce racks, and even a complete set of fitted bags and cases, including a 12-volt cooling bag, designed to match the Panamera.

The complete range of Panamera Exclusive features is available now at all Porsche Centers, with the Tequipment Cataloque to follow next month.