Halle Berry

Halle Berry

How do we love Halle Berry? Let us count the ways:

1. We love her because she's thoughtful. See? She's taking flowers to a friend at the hospital. We don't know why her friend's in the hospital. Maybe it's something serious, like brain surgery. Or maybe her friend just had a particularly grueling facelift. We don't know. All we know for certain is that Halle's got their back.

2. We love her because she's beautiful, inside and out. Not only is she playing candystripe darling to the plastic surgery set, but she's dressed down while she's doing it. Ms. Berry doesn't need a fancy ball gown or some crazy stylist (ahem, Rachel Zoe) fussing with her hair; she is just plain old Halle, wearing the T-shirt she slept in and the jeans she also slept in. And which were apparently made for someone three feet taller. But still: pretty, right?

3. We love her because she's down to earth. Those other Hollywood hos, they're driving Lamborghinis and Ferraris and Bugattis, but Halle is content to schlep around in a last generation Lexus RX 350 -- the kind any spoiled brat could get for her overblown Sweet 16 extravaganza. We need some more of that in the Hills, yo.

Keep it real, Halle. Keep it real.