In March of last year, Aptera announced it had done all the development necessary to head to production, and that all it needed was to move into acquiring the right equipment and workforce to do so. Soon after the company revealed that a new infusion of $24 million in cash had been acquired, and then Aptera revealed an updated design for the original Typ-1 called the 2e. Now, Aptera has released a new teaser sketch for the interior of its first model.

The interior is said to be slightly larger than that of the Mini Cooper and upcoming Chevrolet Volt, with 24cu-ft of storage space on board – more than a Honda Accord. Inside, there is a new electronic interface dubbed Eva, which will control the infotainment, heating and air controls, and other electronic systems, as well as a couple of cup holders and soy-based seats.

Some of the car’s specs include: a 1,500lb (680kg) curb weight, a charge time of eight hours, a battery pack with 10-13kWh charge, and a range of up to 100mi (160km) per charge (for an all-electric model). A wide range of equipment, including keyless entry, tire-pressure monitoring system and more will be equipped as standard.

Aptera plan to build several different versions of the 2e, including a regular gasoline model, as well as a plug-in hybrid and the all-electric model. The first vehicles, which are thought to be the all-electric model, are expected to be delivered this October.

The 2e will have an expected cost between $25,000 and $45,000. Initial sales of the all-electric version will solely be in California, with plans to distribute the Aptera to the rest of the United States by late 2010.

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