The new 2010 Buick Lacrosse has made waves with its attractive design and overall build quality since its unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Soon after that General Motors increased the appeal of the car by announcing that it will be available with not only a 3.0L and 3.6L V6, but also a new Ecotec 2.4L direct-injection four-cylinder.

According to a new report, a hybrid model is also expected in the near future.

Speaking with Ward’s Auto, GM's global vehicle line executive James Frederico appeared to confirm the hybrid LaCrosse but did not disclose exact timing. "We are always working on future applications for our hybrids," he said. "The exact introduction plans (will) be announced later by Buick marketing."

This revelation of a future hybrid LaCrosse comes just weeks after GM canceled its mild Malibu hybrid starting in the next model year. It’s also likely that with the new LaCrosse hybrid will be the introduction of GM's next generation BAS+ mild hybrid system. The Malibu and LaCrosse share similar chassis components and are built at the same facility. According to GM, the Malibu hybrid was canceled due to weak sales, and how this will translate into sales for a new LaCrosse hybrid remains to be seen.

GM has publicly stated it plans to have 14 hybrid models by 2012, with this apparently being one of them.

According to Frederico, "There is a future for alternative propulsion in our midsize vehicles, we're just not at the point to share any details.”
Via: All Car Electrics