Automotive technology and consumer electronics are becoming closer and closer in their functions thanks to gadgets such as GPS navigation systems and Bluetooth handsfree devices. Now, one of the hottest selling consumer electronics devices, the Apple iPhone, will be getting a number of new applications that will bridge the gap between automotive technology and consumer electronics even further.

Perhaps one of the biggest new apps set to arrive for the iPhone this summer is a GPS navigation program from TomTom. The software will give users turn-by-turn directions and will even come with a suction cap and cradle to mount the iPhone to a car’s windshield.

Another important application coming soon for the iPhone is voice activation, a feature that should prove invaluable while driving. According to early reports, the voice dialling software will allow the driver to choose songs and dial phone numbers without taking their hands off the steering wheel.

There will also be an app for the new Zipcar automobile sharing service that will let users see the closest Zipcar service point. The application will also let you reserve a car, and even help you find the car itself by including a function to make the car horn sound when the correct button is pressed on the iPhone.

Coupled with new racing games such as Asphalt 5, the iPhone is set to become even more ubiquitous throughout people's lives, and some of the new apps coming out soon should make the iPhone a big hit with drivers.
Via: TheCarConnection