Though bankruptcy is looking more and more like the way General Motors will go, the company is fighting to preserve its most adored models - one way or another. In the case of the Camaro, the car will live on within GM as a 'core model' says CEO Fritz Henderson. The Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky roadster duos may yet see more action, though in a different way.

The Camaro is an iconic nameplate for Chevrolet and the car itself is a 'core model' in addition to its halo vehicle status - or at least that's what Fritz Henderson thinks. “I think the Camaro is a wonderful halo vehicle for Chevrolet, but it can also be a core model,” Henderson said.

When most people think of 'core' model, they thinking of the Camry for Toyota, the Accord for Honda and the Maxima for Nissan - bread and butter sales vehicles. The Camaro does not fit that mold.

But maybe it could, with the right price and packaging in a V6 option. Still, with its coupe body style and highly polarizing looks, it's not likely to fill the mass-market role of a true core model. But Camaro fans will be glad to hear the label applied to their baby, since it means the company is serious about keeping it alive.

Two other cars GM is seriously fighting for are the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky. While Pontiac is already on life support - with the plug to be pulled soon - and Saturn is being shopped to potential buyers, AutoWeek is reporting that GM has said it would be willing to sell the Sky/Solstice plant and rights as a package to a buyer interested in just the two sports cars.

That offers a potentially very attractive buy for a niche manufacturer or a company looking to add some sport to its lineup without acquiring all the bloat or confusion of the full Saturn or Pontiac brands. “If someone were to approach with a proposal that made good sense for our people, we’d be open to it,” said Henderson.