Though the lightweight, mid-engined Porsche 914 of the late 1960s and early 1970s was far from a perfect machine, it has developed a cult following that keeps it active in the streets and on tracks around the world to this day. Many have longed for a new-generation of the car and reports suggesting such a model was in the works were all the buzz in the recent past, even as recently as the 15th of this month.

However, the cold truth of the economic crisis and Porsche’s own desire to remain exclusive means plans for a new entry-level roadster have been dropped. Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Porsche’s executive vice-president for sales and marketing, Klaus Berning, said the company has no plans to introduce another new model to its range and that this fifth model line has been shelved indefinitely.

"Another model line is not something we are concentrating on at the moment,” Berning explained. "We may start looking at that after the launch of the Panamera but my gut feeling is that we do not need one.

Original speculation that Porsche was working on a new roadster was brought about by the company’s impending merger with Volkswagen through a planned share buyout. The keystone was production of VW’s recently revealed Bluesport roadster concept.

Virtually every mainstream VW Group brand, from Seat, to Skoda, to Audi, and VW, have been rumored to be working on their own versions of the car and Porsche, too, was reportedly planning to build one.

To keep costs low, the roadster was to share parts with a number of existing VW models. Elements unique to the cars would have been an aluminum-spaceframe chassis, a mid-engine and RWD layout, and a range of high-output 2.0L forced-induction engines.

While a new entry-level model may be out of the question, a new four-cylinder model, either in the Boxster/Cayman line or possibly even the 911, could be in the works. When quizzed on the topic, Berning teased: "You never say never, but we have not made any decision to go that way.”

He went on to explain that it "could be possible to have a four-cylinder again in a 911 but it would be a Porsche four-cylinder. The 911 is the core of the brand and it follows different rules to the rest of the brand models.


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