A new, entry-level roadster powered by a range of economical small capacity engines may be brewing at Mazda. The company's board of directors are expected to make a decision on the car by the end of the year, and if approved it could be in production by 2012.

The new model would essentially be a downsized version of the already compact MX-5, and despite its entry-level positioning performance and handling will be paramount in its design.

This latest news was revealed by a Mazda insider who spoke recently with AutoExpress. The insider revealed that the car, which has already picked up the ‘MX-2’ tagline, will feature futurist styling inspired by last year’s Furai concept car and that a new concept of the roadster could be revealed very soon.

While most of the details are still highly speculative, we can expect to see a several small capacity petrol engines ranging from 0.7 to 1.6L – both in naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms. Combine this with an expected kerb weight of less than 1,000kg and the baby Mazda roadster should be able to easily outpace much more expensive and powerful rivals.


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