When it comes to maximizing fuel savings, a vehicle like the Cadillac Escalade is probably one of the best platforms for a hybrid drivetrain. The SUV’s are big and heavy and are mostly found in and around city suburbs. This means mostly slow traveling speeds and plenty of stop-start acceleration and braking – the ideal situation for hybrid operation.

Not surprisingly, the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid is 50% more fuel-efficient than the regular V8 model, and with a fuel-economy of 20mpg (11.7L/100km) around town the big SUV is almost comparable with a midsize sedan. The vehicle is also available in both 2WD and 4WD configurations and delivers up to 5,800lb (2,631kg) towing capacity.

Cadillac has now sweetened the Escalade Hybrid package by offering it with the upmarket ‘Platinum’ line of trim, characterized by upgraded interiors with hand-stitched leather and unique exterior styling.

The Platinum edition also adds Magnetic Ride Control (MRC) suspension technology, LED headlights and new 22in alloys. The instrument panel, center storage console and door trim are wrapped with Aniline leather and stitched by hand. Additional standard interior features include Platinum-specific door sills and floor mats, a heated steering wheel, heated and cooled cup holders and a DVD entertainment system.

The powertrain is left untouched, which means drive comes from a 6.0L V8 engine rated at 332hp (248kW) and 367lb-ft (498Nm) of torque. Advanced fuel-saving features include displacement on demand and engine stop-start technologies, electric only driving modes, and electronic power steering.