General Motors has its hands full building out the first 14,000 pre-ordered Camaros for the next several months, but if just have to have that new muscle car and you aren't one of the lucky horde, don't despair. Chevrolet has a site just for you.

The online build process is simple - pick one of the five available basic trim packages - three V6s, two V8s - add your options, and find a dealer. Of course, with all of the first few months of production pre-ordered, that means finding a dealer to order one for you, but in the mean time you can fine-tune the car to get exactly what you want from it.

For example, you can choose the fast but affordable 1SS package, cyber gray metallic paint, ground effects package, standard 20in alloy wheels and black bonnet stripe package for one mean-looking and seriously quick car - and an MSRP of just $33,770.

Combine it with the available original equipment accessories on GM's OE site and you'll have a hard time getting all your shopping done in three months' time.