Hyundai's new turbocharged 2.0L Genesis Coupe has had import tuner fanboys foaming at mouth, and their more resevered cohorts awaiting with interest, for months now. As the car begins to make the press rounds, it's starting to look like it may have more under the hood than the 210hp promised by Hyundai.

The latest evidence of the 2.0T's potential understatement is a dyno test from Edmunds. The data shows 197hp (147kW) to the wheels, with actual delivered torque coming to 227lb-ft (307Nm). That's well beyond what you might expect given the car's 210hp (156kW) crank horsepower rating.

In fact, running the numbers through typical drivetrain loss calculations reveals that the engine is probably putting out close to 225hp at the crank (15% loss) and could even be reaching as high as 236hp (20% loss).

Taken together with the highly restrictive exhaust system noticed by the testers (a deliberate kink is placed in the pipe immediately after the catalytic converters) there's ample room for improving on the flow of air - and therefore power, especially in a turbo engine - with simple bolt-on modifications, making the Genesis Coupe 2.0T even more of a tuner delight than had been expected.