Just as the Phantom has its Coupe and Drophead convertible variants, Rolls-Royce’s upcoming Ghost sedan is expected to spawn its own two-door variants. The legacy started with cars like the Carmargue and Corniche, both of which were based on the Silver Shadow, which itself is the forebear to the new Ghost.

Speaking with Autocar, the Ghost’s lead exterior designer Andreas Thurner revealed that Rolls-Royce is planning a family models based on the new sedan. “The Ghost was designed in a way to make other bodystyles,” he said. “We have to build up a family for the Ghost just as we did for the Phantom.”

No timeline for the new models has been announced, but Thurner said the Ghost would be the smallest vehicle in his company's lineup. Any smaller, he explained, and it would lack the presence, comfort, space and stance that Rolls-Royce customers expect of the brand.

Apart from only having two doors and possibly featuring some unique styling elements, the Ghost sedan and its two-door variants would share much in common. This means that the entire family of cars would receive the company’s new 500hp (373kW) 6.6L V12 engine and active air-suspension system.


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