Less than two days after Chrysler confirmed that it had received three offers for its Dodge Viper sports car business, the investors who just purchased most of the assets of specialty-car maker Saleen Automotive have revealed that they have also considered adding the Viper business to their portfolio.

The investors include Cyltec, Arrow Racing Engines, Control-Tec and Power-Tec Engineering. Grouped under the name MJ Acquisitions, they bought Saleen's street-performance car, aftermarket and supercharger business late last week.

Speaking with Automotive News, MJ Acquisitions representative Mike Shields confirmed the interest in the Viper business but wasn't willing to give any details due to the touchy nature of the deal.

On Tuesday, Chrysler co-president Jim Press revealed that his company was currently completing due diligence on the three bids it had received but that a decision was unlikely to come until after the viability presentation planned for the U.S. Treasury later this month.

As for MJ Acquisitions recently acquired Saleen venture, Shields said he expects to continue with the aftermarket and supercharger business but commented that the Racecraft and flagship S-Line brands were currently under evaluation.