Volkswagen has filed a lawsuit against Lamborghini Orange County for what it terms 'outright theft' of $12 million worth of Lamborghini vehicles. The dealership, owned by Vik Keuylian and his sisters Asdghig, Nora and Sossi, hasn't yet responded publicly to the accusations.

The suit stems from the Keuylian family's alleged sale of 54 cars at prices well below market value in a period of eight days, reports The Orange County Register. VW further alleges that the money obtained from the sales was then taken without using any of the proceeds to pay Volkswagen Credit for the financing they owed on the inventory vehicles.

The Keuylians', though refusing to comment on the matter as it undergoes litigation, have filed a motion to dismiss VW Credit's punitive damages claim. Their lawyer has not yet filed a response to the complaint itself, however.

Other lawsuits have recently been filed against the Keuylians stating similar claims. If the suits prove true, the facts serve to explain the sudden and mysterious closure of the Lamborghini dealership last year, while the litigious nature of the dealership's demise explains the secrecy that has followed.