The new Camaro looks poised to take a favored position in the new muscle car wars with its strong entry-level V6 offering and over-the-top SS power, and buyers are already agreeing - to the tune of 10,000 pre-orders, according to General Motors. The first cars ordered were primarily SS models with the potent V8, but later comers have taken healthily to the V6 to balance out the pre-order mix.

All 10,000 of those cars will doubtless be built, but they may be delayed if a solution to a production stumbling block isn't found quickly. Just a few days ago General Motors instituted a lawsuit against key Camaro supplier Cadence Innovation because Cadence's bankruptcy threatened to disrupt the Camaro's production.

The suit is for the return of equipment used to manufacture parts for the Camaro; GM's customary practice is to turn over such tooling once a contract for production is reached. Now that Cadence is in bankruptcy, however, it can't produce the parts and it's also unwilling to return the tooling in the hopes that it may yet re-organize and fulfill the contract.

The time frame for delivery is short - fewer than two weeks, according to GM, before the car will be delayed.

Whatever the long-term outcome of the suit, the problem of delays may send some of those preorders running to the competition - the 2010 Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger. On the other hand, pre-orders for the car are likely made in large part by brand loyalists and fans that will not switch allegiance for the sake of instant gratification.

Only time will tell which plays out to be true, but in the mean time the delay could cost GM precious retail floor sales, which are already rare enough in this economy.