The higher-ups at General Motors have been dropping hints that the Cadillac brand may get its own plug-in hybrid vehicle based on the Chevrolet Volt for some time now, but now rumors are emerging that Cadillac may in fact be the first brand (other than Chevrolet) to get the Volt's technology, contradicting earlier reports that Pontiac would likely be the first recipient.

Recent statements from GM seemed to suggest that Pontiac was under consideration for sale, or that its model range would be severely reduced to around 1-3 vehicles. Additionally, selling a Cadillac variant of the Chevrolet Volt makes greater economic sense due to Cadillac's luxury image and the associated high costs of the Volt's hybrid technology. This means that Cadillac customers would be more willing to absorb the expense of the technology as a part of the vehicle’s luxury appeal.

GM's vice-chairman Bob Lutz earlier stated an electric-powered Cadillac was "definitely" a possibility, and that he was expecting the brand to unveil "some kind of dramatic environmental statement" soon. Additionally, AutoWeek reports that Lutz also commented that the Volt technology would work well with a small or medium-sized crossover, which fits the bill for Cadillac's upcoming SRX vehicle.

This would tie in with earlier reports from GM insiders, who stated that the plug-in hybrid for Cadillac is in fact under development, along with other Opel plug-in models and even a possible plug-in hybrid SUV for the Chevrolet brand. A 2009 release is unlikely for an electric Cadillac, however, going on earlier comments from Cadillac general manager Jim Taylor who predicted a date closer to the 2011 or 2012 model years.