Barack Obama has backed Congress' decision to delay a decision on additional auto industry loans, urging the carmakers to have a clear plan when they return to Capitol Hill in December, and the carmakers are already reportedly planning to show up in dramatic style, forming a caravan of Detroit's most efficient cars as exemplars of the work the industry's been doing to make strides forward in recent years.

Another angle for the parade of parsimonious people-movers is the humanizing aspect - putting a face and a sense of perspective to the issue of the auto industry's importance to the U.S. economy.

Carl Galeana, president of the Galeana Automotive Group, which owns car dealerships in three states, said, "There was so much misinformation in the hearings last week. I'd love to see something come to fruition where people show what this industry means to the country," according to the Detroit Free Press.

The decision to form the caravan was formed late last week after Tim Leuliette, CEO of Dura Automotive, took the idea to the heads of GM, Ford and Chrysler. The idea took root, and now the plan is well underway. The UAW will also be joining in, illustrating their stake in the industry's future as well.

"The UAW thinks it's great that so many people understand the importance of good American jobs and know the value and quality of American vehicles," said UAW spokesman Roger Kerson.

Exactly when the group will get underway and how many cars will be involved is still being worked out, but with less than two weeks remaining until the carmakers must return to Congress to continue the aid talks, the decisions can be expected shortly.