Mercedes' tech-leader and showcase car, the S-Class, gets the custom treatment from Carlsson with the RS design kit, presenting an exterior image to reflect the interior's cutting-edge equipment. Retaining much of the sophisticated look of the original, the kit adds a bit more aggression to the final product.

The elegant, swooping curves of the car's upper half are left untouched, with Carlsson instead focusing its efforts on the road-skimming portion of the car - a wider, more angular air duct section of the front fascia, flared side sills and a rear diffuser to smooth the airflow are the primary additions. A carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler, custom 21in alloy wheels and a quad-tipped exhaust system add the finishing touches.

Available in either polyurethane or carbon fiber, the RS bodykit also includes four new lights at the front end, two fog lights and two high-beams. The kit is available for the entire S-Class range, including diesel and AMG models. Pricing hasn't yet been announced.