Though BMW's latest 3-series treatment is something of a love-it-or-hate-it design, the gang at Zwickenpflug are decidedly in the 'love it' camp, leaving their customized car's exterior almost completely untouched. Inside, there's a score of changes, and the engine even gets some tweaks to boost output to 445hp (332kW).

Exactly what was done to the 4.2L V8 inside the M3 isn't clear, but the ECU has been tweaked to yield a gain of almost 6%, likely from adjusting fuel ratios and ignition timing. The power gain takes the car's top speed up to a frightening 202mph (325km/h). The only exterior tweak is a set of 19in BBS alloy wheels.

Inside, the car gets, as its name indicates, a thorough treatment of upgraded leather. Leather seats plus suede headliner steering wheel and door panels give the car a soft yet sporty look, while aluminum pedals give the driver even better feel, while contrasting stitching in BMW's traditional colors complements the darker surfaces.