Japanese tuning firm LB Performance is offering a stunning array of visual modifications for the Lamborghini Murcielago, designed to make the standard model take on the appearance of one of its more aggressive siblings, such as the LP640 or the new Reventon.

While the paint schemes of these show cars may be a little extreme, the aero kits themselves actually appear to be quite handsome when bolted to the car. This allows customers to keep the clean look of the standard model, while still adding a touch of LP640 and Reventon aggression.

Currently, there are 23 parts listed on the LB Performance website, ranging from front spoilers, to custom wheels and diffusers. There are a number of different variations of each part available, and customers can opt for a Reventon style front spoiler or an LP640 style front spoiler as well. There are also a number of rear bumpers, all of which accentuate the rear diffuser and some of them even feature what LB Performance calls a muffler cutter - essentially a mod that turns the Lamborghini Murcielago's singular central exhaust into a dual-exhaust unit.

Other mods include decals, large racing wings and a host of other products. Unfortunately, LB Performance doesn't really satisfy the 'Performance' part of its name, with only aesthetic mods being offered.