Audi’s decision to downsize the engine in the recently revealed S4 range from a naturally-aspirated V8 in the previous model to a forced-induction V6 is set to be repeated for a number of important performance models from the Germany luxury carmaker. According to latest reports the facelifted S5 sports coupe, due next year, will drop its current 349hp (260kW) 4.2L V8 mill in favor of a 329hp (245kW) supercharged 3.0L V6.

It doesn’t end there as the next-generation Audi S6, due early next decade, will reportedly drop the current model’s V10 mill in favor of a newly developed twin-turbocharged version of the current 4.2L V8. The information comes from an inside source at Audi, who revealed to Edmunds that the high-performance twin-turbocharged engines would be reserved for the exclusive RS models and a new R8 GT3 race car seen in spy shots.

"Not only does this new engine get nearly the same horsepower and more torque," said the source, in reference to the supercharged V6 TFSI. "The fuel efficiency with the V6T improves by 30% over the V8."

This same engine is also pegged for the long-rumored R4 mid-engine roadster model, and is expected to filter across to more models in Audi’s lineup, including the next-generation A8 flagship and upcoming A7 four-door coupe.