The idea of a high-performance SUV seems oxymoronic to some, but Porsche's Cayenne, especially the GTS, Turbo and Turbo S variants, go a long way to quell any doubt. With the extra power and aggressive setup performed by edo, the matter is pressed even further.

Cranking out 450hp (331kW) and 391lb-ft (530Nm) of torque, the big SUV is capable of accelerating to 62mph (100km/h) in just 6.4 seconds, carrying on to 168mph (270km/h) - a truly terrifying speed in a typical SUV. To get this much out of the GTS, edo replaces the catalytic converters with high-flow units, adds performance air filter inserts and tunes the ECU on a dyno.

Getting a big SUV slowed back down from 150+mph is no easy feat, and to help with the process, edo has fitted six-piston mono-block calipers onto 380x38mm rotors. Likewise, keeping the GTS tame on the twisties requires serious damping, and a fully adjustable system allows the driver to make changes in ride height, compression and rebound to maximize handling.

The appearance of such an impressive performance machine isn't overlooked either, with edo offering a 'power dome' hood, a revised lower front skirt with four fog lights and mesh inerts, plus custom 22" forged wheels with stainless steel outer rims. The huge wheels are wrapped in similarly huge 295/30 tires at all four corners.

Interior modifications are left to the customer's tastes, and edo says it will leave no stone unturned - everything from color-coded instrument dials to leather upholstery and custom pedal sets are available. For a sample of what other tuners have done with the GTS, check out Gemballa's version, or Evolution Motorsports take on the GTS here.