Nissan released a teaser sketch of its upcoming NV2500 van concept in November when plans were still on for the vehicle to be unveiled at January’s Detroit Auto Show. Now that the automaker has dropped out of the show and will only have a dealer presence, it has decided to reveal the vehicle via the web. Dubbed a 'rolling idea lab' of what's possible or probable for the future of commercial EVs, the NV2500 is one of the largest concept vehicles ever created by Nissan.

The NV2500 previews the company's entry into the North American Commercial Vehicle (CV) market and is designed to highlight multi-purpose utility solutions. “We see the NV2500 Concept as an ongoing exploration of ways to make these vehicles more than just a box on four wheels. Our goal is to enhance utility through creative design solutions, providing a platform for a wide variety of specific professional applications,” said Bruce Campbell, vice president of design for Nissan Design America, Inc.

This particular example of the NV2500 is envisioned as a construction site vehicle, with an array of tools and utilities integrated into the doors and panels. Nissan thinks the vehicle could be customized to suit a wide range of purposes, however. “Aside from construction site applications, the NV2500 Concept, with its unique configuration and array of features, could be used in infinite ways by infinite users. Whether a mobile Farmers’ Market booth, a hot-air balloon launch or chase vehicle or to support a beachside surfing school, the usage possibilities of Commercial Vehicles are endless,” he said.

Although the NV2500 is an EV, it's still a work truck. Built around the sizable Nissan Titan's fully-boxed ladder frame chassis, the the NV2500 Concept has a 147.6in (3.75m) wheelbase and measures a full 19.5ft (5.94m) bumper-to-bumper. It stands 8ft (2.44m) tall and is 6.6ft (2m) wide. Inside, from the front of the passenger compartment to rear door, there is room to carry objects up to 10.5ft (3.2m) long with the passenger seat moved out of the way.

One of the truly unique features of the NV2500 is the central area, which can be configured to suit the primary task of the vehicle. In its construction guise, that means a fold-down inside/outside workshop table. For other purposes, it could be converted to a mobile conference center, cargo bay, or nearly any other function that could conceivably fit in the space.

The floor of the vehicle is covered in renewable wood for ease of replacement and protecting cargo. Electrical outlets in 110v and 220v are built into the vehicle's wall panels for easy access, as are access ports to the vehicle's built-in shop vacuum. “The key to the NV2500 Concept’s interior is ingenuity as much as innovation,” said Campbell. “Every element needs to serve high-utility needs for multi-tasking users.”

Nissan’s previous van concept, the NV200, which the carmaker unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, hinted at the direction the carmaker would be taking the in future, just as this NV2500 develops those ideas. One of the innovative features previewed on the NV200 was a storage pod that extends from the van’s load area when the vehicle is parked. As the pod is deployed, the now empty load bay is transformed into a mobile office with innovative ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ storage zones.

The latest NV2500 is expected to be slated for production in 2010.