China is rapidly becoming one of Lamborghini’s primary markets, with sales this year alone for the country expected to grow by 186% on last year’s figures. It comes as little surprise then that the Italian supercar brand plans to set up a new branch office in Beijing, China’s capital, with operations to start early next year.

Speaking at today official announcement, CEO Stephan Winkelmann explained that China’s propensity to become the leading economy in the world makes it one of the pivotal markets for Lamborghini’s future growth.

“The decision to establish a branch in China illustrates our dedication to opening the potential of this market for Lamborghini. Our new regional office will ensure the presence of the brand and further the prosperity of the corporation on a global scale,” he said.

Lamborghini hopes to eventually sell roughly the same number of vehicles between the three major continental regions: Northern America, Europe and Asia. Last year it sold 28 cars in China, but this year sales are expected to top 80 units.

There are currently three Lamborghini dealers located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, one in Hong Kong, and another two will be shortly be opened in Chengdu and Qingdao. There are plans to open several more dealerships in China in coming years.