Niche German sports car manufacturer, Wiesmann. is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, and to mark the anniversary the Dülmen based manufacturer is releasing special '20th Anniversary Editions' of it's MF3 two-seater roadster, the MF4 closed-top Grand Tourer and the M5-powered MF5, which Wiesmann released several months ago.

The special editions will be in restricted runs, with just 30 examples allotted for the MF3 roadster and 20 for the MF4 and MF5 each. The cars are expected to be highly sought after thanks to their unique finishes, special features and exclusive accessories.

Wiesmann sources its engines and transmissions from German manufacturer BMW, and for it's 20th birthday Wiesmann will be upgrading the engine in the MF3 from the E46 BMW M3 engine to the slightly more powerful unit found in the E46 M3 CSL.

The special cars will be offered in three color packages, including 'Sporty', 'Elegant' and 'Style'. For those opting for the Sporty trim, Wiesmann will lacquer your car an eye-catching piano black color and install a red and black interior to give the car a sporting aggressiveness. The Elegant package features the stunning 'Alubeam' paint, previously only seen on Mercedes' show cars before it was offered on the 40th Anniversary edition of the CL65 AMG model. The special paint gives the car a shinier finish than any other type of paint, with its name translating into 'liquid metal'. The interior for the Elegant package will also feature blue leather. Meanwhile, the Style package entails a matte white finish and a black and gray interior.

Inside, the center console will get an engraved plaque with the name of the car's owner, the production number and the signatures of the Wiesmann brothers. Additionally, there will be unique embroidery in the seats and custom instrumentation to further differentiate the special editions.