Alfa Romeo’s full scale assault on the North American market isn’t expected to officially kick off until late next year or early 2010 but the first Alfa branded cars will go on sale in the United States later this month, although there is a catch. The catch is that the model that will go on sale is the highly exclusive and expensive 8C Competizione supercar, of which only 84 cars have been reserved for the U.S. and all of these have already been sold.

This will be the first Alfa sold in the U.S. since the brand pulled out back in 1995, leaving a reputation of poor quality and reliability behind it. The new 8C Competizione will be sold through a group of Maserati dealers, and all 84 cars have been sold out there will likely be a few available with significant mark-ups attached.

Only 500 examples of the car were built for worldwide consumption but an additional 500 ‘Spider’ convertibles will also be built as well as 100 high-performance ‘GTA’ editions.

The standard 8C Competizione, meanwhile, will arrive with a 4.7L V8 engine churning out 450hp (335kW) though a six-speed electronically controlled manual gearbox.

Following the launch of the 8C, Alfa may bring a new RWD flagship saloon currently in development as well as a possible GT. Alfa is currently searching for a RWD platform to build the new cars and its parent company Fiat is currently in talks with Tata over a deal to use a Jaguar platform. If a deal is reached, both vehicles might be sold in the U.S. by 2011, reports Automotive News.

Other possibilities include production of some Alfa models in North America, either at a newly built factory or using idle capacity at one of the Detroit 3’s plants. Finally, Alfa’s CEO Luca de Meo has openly stated that an SUV model is essential for success in the U.S., suggesting that a new soft-roader could also be in the works.