Brazilian Formula One driver Felipe Massa might be planning to hold off on retirement for another year in order to continue driving for Williams.

Massa in September announced that his contract with Williams would expire at the end of the 2016 season and that he had no intention to renew it. Shortly after, Williams announced that replacing Massa would be Canadian youngster Lance Stroll.

However, Motorsport is reporting that Williams is about to lose its other driver Valtteri Bottas to Mercedes AMG and thus would like to retain Massa so that it has at least one experienced driver among its ranks. Massa is said to have already accepted a one-year contract from Williams.

There are major changes in store for the 2017 F1 season, which is why experienced drivers will be crucial, not only during the season but also in testing. Key changes include longer, wider cars and much wider tires. The changes are aimed at increasing downforce and grip, which should lead to higher speeds and thus faster lap times.

So far, Williams has made no mention of the possibility of Bottas joining Mercedes. Mercedes is also yet to announce a replacement for its retired driver Nico Rosberg.

Separately, Williams has announced that its Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds has resigned. A replacement is yet to be named.