Having an encyclopedia that anyone can add to brings about some interesting ideas. We came across an interesting list that compiles the smallest, largest, fastest, lightest, best-selling, and first vehicles of any type. To make the list more relevant and prevent “cheating” the editors came up with three rules:

1. 20 or more examples must have been made by the original vehicle manufacturer and offered for commercial sale to the public in new condition - cars modified by either professional tuners or individuals are not eligible

2. They must be street-legal in their intended markets and capable of passing any tests or inspections required to be granted this status

3. They must have been built for retail sale to consumers for their personal use on public roads - no commercial or industrial vehicles are eligible

With these in mind, we get a list that defines things like:

Most specific power (power to weight ratio)

First engine technologies

First driver’s aids

Engine capacities

And many more. Though some of the results are disputed, it makes for an interesting look at what’s out there.

List of automotive superlatives