Subaru has just redesigned its Impreza around the new Subaru Global modular platform, but the car’s high-performance WRX variant is some years off still. In the interim, the current WRX will be given an update. The information was reported by Motoring based on comments made by an anonymous Subaru engineer.

“The WRX will have a facelift soon, not a full model cycle, because the new model just launched in 2015,” the engineer is alleged to have said. “We would love to have the WRX on the new platform, because the car would be a lot better… but the 2018 will be a facelift only.”

Unfortunately the engineer didn’t have any information to add regarding the facelifted WRX. It’s possible the car will receive some visual tweaks to match the latest Impreza. It’s also possible we see a bump in output from the car’s turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-4 which currently delivers 268 horsepower.

The debut of the facelifted WRX should take place in calendar year 2017.

As for a redesigned WRX, Subarus typically have a five-year lifespan. That means we can expect the redesigned model, based on the Subaru Global platform, to arrive as a 2020 model. Not much is known about the car but there’s a good chance it will feature some form of hybrid technology, something its platform allows.