Yesterday was the production launch of the new James Bond movie Spectre, the 24th member of the ever-growing franchise and the 10th to feature an Aston Martin. Yes, director Sam Mendes has confirmed that an Aston Martin will feature in the new movie, continuing a 50-year partnership that started with the appearance of a DB5 in 1964’s Goldfinger.

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The Aston Martin set to appear in Spectre won’t be a regular production car, however. Instead, it will be a unique model dubbed the DB10 and it was revealed for the first time at yesterday’s launch event held at Pinewood Studios in the U.K.

In the video above, Mendes introduces the DB10 at the 4:40 mark, proclaiming it as one of the movie's key cast members. Afterwards, we see the rest of the crew join the car on stage.

While the DB10 will be produced in a 10-car run, these will be used exclusively for filming of the new movie, though it’s possible some could be sold assuming they survive the filming process. James Bond movies are notorious for seeing some very nice cars end up ruined.

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It should be noted that the DB10 is not an early look at Aston Martin’s DB9 replacement due around 2016. For one, it only has two seats. We also hear that it is based on Aston Martin's aging VH (Vertical-Horizontal) platform and not the next-generation design debuting in the DB9 replacement. Instead, the DB10 is thought to showcase the new design language that will influence Aston Martin’s future lineup, which is expected to include replacements for the DB9, Vantage and possibly the Rapide sedan.


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