One Aston Martin DBS used for filming in the latest James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace, has already ended up at the bottom of an Italian lake, and now a second car has been crashed into a quarry. Unlike the first incident, which was actually an accident caused by poor weather conditions, the latest crash was scripted as the final climax of the new movie’s car chase.

The simulated crash took place in the mountains of Carrara in Italy and required that the car fly into a marble quarry after being chased by a pair of Alfa Romeos around the banks of Lake Garda. The action scene is expected to form the pre-credits sequence to the movie and will run close to 15 minutes.

The DBS isn’t the only new car to star in the upcoming movie. Ford’s next-generation Ka compact will also appear in the movie. You can catch a glimpse of it in a video posted in a previous story along with a possible rendering of the car, which you can view by clicking here.


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