Here’s something off the bizarre scale: an Italian built mini SUV with two doors and a Chevrolet LS2 engine. That’s what a small Italian company called Fornasari is building, in the form of the RR600 SUV. The vehicle sports a 6L V8 engine developing 610hp and a massive 748Nm. By using carbon and Kevlar in the body construction, Fornasari has managed to keep weight down to 1700kg. The high power output and low weight combine for potent performance – think 0-100km/h in only 3.8s and a top speed in excess of 280km/h.

Though there is a 4WD powertrain, customers can pick how they want it configured. The normal setting has a 60/40 rear bias. Transmissions are available in 5p manual or 4sp auto.

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Fornasari Cars | Via