• Fornasari's Gigi Concept

    Even in Europe, coachbuilder Fornasari isn’t exactly a household name. Best known for building somewhat oddly-proportioned crossovers and all-wheel-drive concepts, Fornasari wants potential clients to know it can build a stylish coupe and convertible, too. We’ll admit to being generous with the adjective “stylish,” since the Fornasari Gigi Concept is equal parts retro-futuristic and cartoonish. It’s not ugly, but it does carry on the firm’s tradition of odd proportions, such as the combination of massively oversize wheels and short fenders. There’s a...

  • Fornasari RR99 custom crossover
    Fornasari Loses The Plot With New RR99 Crossover

    The Fornasari RR99 contains design elements from at least five other cars.

  • fornasari racing buggy june 2009 002
    Fornasari announces 610hp Racing Buggy for series production

    It's hard to pin down the qualities of the 'ultimate' vehicle, but the new Racing Buggy from Fornasari looks to be a fair attempt. Its design, however, is as extreme as its capabilities so it's sure to polarize. With 610hp on tap, routed through an AWD system with 60% rear bias and built around a...

  • The bizarro Fornasari RR600 luxury SUV
    The bizarro Fornasari RR600 luxury SUV

    Here’s something off the bizarre scale: an Italian built mini SUV with two doors and a Chevrolet LS2 engine. That’s what a small Italian company called Fornasari is building, in the form of the RR600 SUV. The vehicle sports a 6L V8 engine developing 610hp and a massive 748Nm. By using...

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