Back in April Michiel van den Brink designed the 'Ferrari 599 GTO Mugello', a concept car based on the Ferrari 599 that implemented design elements from vintage Ferraris. He's now announced that his vision will make it to production with the help of his business partner Robert Koumans, and by Dutch specialist coachbuilder Hietbrink, which is known for its painstaking rebuilding and restoration work on old Ferraris.



Most impressive is that this talented young (he’s only 28) designer started his design consultancy Vandenbrink Design this year and is already preparing to produce a car.

Little is known about the concept, which has had its name changed to the Vandenbrink GTO, as Michiel is currently in discussions with other customers. Apart from the external body changes we’re hoping for some modifications under the hood to make this car as fast as it looks.

It looks like custom Ferrari coachbuilding is becoming more common as collectors and enthusiasts demand custom pieces that suit their needs. Two recent examples have been the Glickenhaus P4/5 and the 612 Scaglietti ‘K’.

Vandenbrink Design | Via