Hummer will need to introduce several new models if it hopes to even come close to reaching its target of doubling its current production. General Motors executives at the Paris Motor Show, including Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, told reporters that "Hummer needs some more products. It needs two or three more products to give it sufficient market coverage." The first model on Hummer’s wish list would be a pickup truck and a possible MPV version remains as an option.

Investor, Kirk Kerkorian, has been pressuring GM to sell off Hummer but executives argued that it was one of GM’s core brands. Currently, sales of Hummer are up almost 50 percent for the first 8 months of this year compared to the rest of GM, which is down 12 percent overall. Hummer’s smallest model, the H3, accounts for three-quarters of the brand's current sales. GM executives already realise that a smaller Jeep Wrangler sized model would be the ideal option.