Could this be a sign that General Motors is on the road to recovery? The results of an annual survey for the perceived value from buyers who purchased a new car last year, saw GM win four segments while its Japanese rivals lost ground. Honda still managed to top the survey, however GM proved to be the only domestic automaker to have a top-ranked vehicle.

Last year, Toyota took out seven top spots but this year only managed three, while companies like Hyundai and GM moved up significantly in the rankings. The survey, which was run by San Diego-based Strategic Vision, interviewed over 64,000 people and the results varied dramatically. GMs four winners included the Saturn Vue for top-ranked small SUV, Chevrolet Corvette for specialty vehicle over $25,000 plus Corvette convertible for drop-tops over $30,000 and finally the Chevrolet Silverado for heavy-duty pickup.

Note that BMW scored better than most vehicles, but since its range is considered luxury, it wasn’t counted as a full-line automaker and thus not included in the survey.