Caterham, famous for its specialist lightweight sports cars, has released details for the updated Caterham Seven model. The roadster is now running Ford’s Sigma motor, and has increased torsional rigidity by 12 percent thanks to a new manufacturing process . The new range will start production in November for the 2007 model year, which is also the year the company will celebrate its 50th birthday.

Caterham has picked the 1.6L four-cylinder Sigma for its reputation of combining a flat torque curve and lightweight construction with smooth power delivery. There will be two versions offered initially; either the Roadsport for extra comfort or the Superlight with more power and weighing just 500kg. Another, more powerful model is expected in the second half of next year.

Prices start at £15,995 for the 125bhp version in kit form, and range up to £19,995 for the 140bhp Superlight. A factory constructed model will add £2,500 to the price tag, but for this price you’re getting a car that reach 60mph from rest in less than 5 seconds.