Citroën is producing its own crossover vehicle in conjunction with its partner Peugeot, with both companies utilizing the same Mitsubishi Outlander platform. Just yesterday we posted images of the Peugeot 4007 and today we can reveal what Citroën’s version will look like. Until now, both French labels were lacking a suitable soft-roader model despite the popularity of such vehicles globally. However, with sales of larger SUVs dropping worldwide, these two smaller crossovers may prove very successful for their respective manufacturers.

Like the 4007 and Outlander, the C-Crosser will be built at Mitsubishi’s Okazaki plant in Japan. Rear styling is very similar to the Mitsu version, and lacks the French auto maker’s usual sense of flair. Inside, the C-Crosser will offer seven-passenger seating, with third row seats that can be stored discretely in the floor. Expect two small capacity diesel motors initially, a 156hp 2.2L HDI with 380Nm of torque, and possibly a 136hp 2.0L version. It’s also likely that the familiar 170hp 2.4L petrol engine from the Outlander will also feature. Sales of the C-Crosser should start in the second half of next year.

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