Caught completely undisguised by spy photographers was this 2008 model-year Ford Escape in full production trim. Numerous prototypes have been caught over the past 12 months, and we now have the final production version that’s likely to be officially unveiled at the L.A. Motor Show later this month.

The interior is expected to be similar to that seen in the Mercury Mariner but toned down to reach a lower price point. This update couldn’t come soon enough. Ford has already lost ground to its main rival, the Toyota RAV4, and the segment has seen new entrants such as Hyundai’s Tucson and Jeep’s Patriot. A new Mazda version is also expected and is likely to feature the CX-5 tag, and both cars will feature new hybrid drivetrains in the near future. The new Escape should go on sale soon after its launch in L.A, however, you can catch the crossover in full detail by following the jump.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]