A new diesel engine currently being developed by Mitsubishi for the European market may eventually end up in cars sold in the US also. The introduction of the new cleaner diesel fuel across America may spark other manufacturers to offer diesel fueled cars in the US for the first time as well. The CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, Hiroshi Harunari, mentioned at a press event that the company “plans to have the diesel ready for Europe first before 2010, but are not excluding the US market."

AutoWeek also reports that the engine will be a four-cylinder version with design work being handled by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan. Harunari added that any introduction will “depend on market acceptance of its competitors.”

Mitsubishi previously pegged its hopes on electric cars taking off in the States, but Harunari admitted that the company was also working in cars that run on ethanol based fuels. Mitsubishi has had some great diesel powered cars in the past, and our favorite has got to be the turbodiesel all-wheel drive Delica.