German tuner Brabus has earned several records for the world’s fastest sedan since it first won the title back in 1996 with the 330km/h Biturbo V12 E-Class. In 2003, the same car took the record to 350.2km/h and even this was bettered in 2006 with the Brabus Rocket and its pass at 362.4km/h. Now the company has gone one step better with the twin-turbo V12 Rocket reaching 365.7km/h at Italy’s famous Nardo circuit.

Brabus stretches the displacement of the regular 5.5L V12 to 6.3L thanks to a special crankshaft, larger cylinder bore and larger forged pistons. To increase power further, larger turbochargers, a more efficient intercooling system and a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with quad exhaust pipes were added.

Final output is an earth shaking 730hp and an electronically limited 1,100Nm of torque. Anymore would fry the modified five-speed automatic transmission and Brabus locking differential. You too can have this level of performance for only €348,000 in the bank. Oh yes, it even meets the latest EURO IV emission limits.