Though there’s no shortage of modified Corvettes around, Callaway’s C16 is one such car that’ll make you do a double take. Callaway has tweaked the 6L LS2 V8 engine to develop a massive 616hp and 582 lb-ft of twist, allowing it to run 0-60 times of around 3.3 seconds. The standing quarter mile is demolished in only 10.9 seconds, which is faster than a Ferrari Enzo. Top speed is an impressive 206mph, and the company claims even fuel economy is rated at 18mpg in the city. We’ll have to see that to believe it.

Sending the power to the road are massive Yokohama tyres. The C16 is equipped with 295/30ZR19’s in the front and 345/25ZR20 in the back. Adjustable suspension comes as standard and there are three transmission options on the Callaway C16: two 6-speed manual transmissions (one incorporating the Z51 Performance Package’s shorter ratios in the first four gears), or a 6-speed automatic with paddle shift.

Inside, the C16 cockpit is completely retooled in German leather and Alcantara. Also

fitted are Recaro Pole Position seats with a choice of harnessing styles. Door sill panels,

steering wheel and passenger dash area also carry signature Callaway badging. Each

automobile is serialized and identified by its build plaque. Since all C16s are built to order, you can pick any interior and exterior color combination to suit.