Thanks to a leaked dealer presentation for Fiat’s retro 500 we now have photos of what the final car will look like. Featuring a design that harks back to the original, but still retaining modern styling cues, the 500 will use styling and lifestyle options to attract buyers.

What’s most interesting about these slides is that they show off the array of accessories available to the 500. Just like Nokia did with mobile phone covers, Fiat will have various styling options that will allow the 500 to be truly personalised, giving you more options than BMW’s Mini. The list of options include unique badging, front and bonnet highlights, adhesive “stickers,” iPod support kit, luggage organisers, and even covers for your keyring. Though we’ve never been big on the personalization craze, we’re sure these accessories will sell like hotcakes.

The 500 will come with a two-cylinder motor. Displacing just 0.9L, the tiny mill will feature a turbocharger to help boost power to between 90 and 110bhp with 120Nm of torque. More expensive models of the 500 will get a more powerful 1.4L turbo developing around 150bhp, and there are rumors of a 4×4 crossover model due in 2009. A cabrio model is virtually guaranteed, according to reports.


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