We’ve been following the story of KTM's new X-Bow track car for some time now, with initial reports that it would be built by Audi, and then revised reports that Audi would only be supplying the engine. Yesterday, KTM revealed the X-Bow to the press before its official debut at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show.

The lightweight sports car will weigh less than 700 kilograms and come with an Audi-sourced engine, though no horsepower figures have been revealed.

CEO of KTM, Stefan Pierer has high hopes for the X-Bow because he feels that it offers something new in the market, though Caterham and Ariel would beg to differ about that. He sees the X-Bow as the perfect blend of motorcycle and car, and a vehicle that harks back to the cars Lotus built twenty or more years ago.

KTM plans to have the X-Bow on the roads by the end of 2007 with a price tag of more than 40,000 euros.


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