Despite previous reports that Chrysler was seriously looking at a production version of the Firepower concept it showed at the 2005 Detroit show, it won’t be building the Hemi-powered GT sports car. In an interview with trade publication Ward’s Auto, Trevor Creed, senior vice president-design, said “We’re not doing Firepower. We just couldn’t find a viable way to do it.”

Chrysler is still troubled by its massive losses and dealer stock issues and is focused on only producing vehicles that have realistic profit potentials.

The decision not to build the Firepower is also due to it being built from the ground up and not sharing a platform with any other DCX vehicle. Additionally, the complex nature of building such a car would have pushed it past $80K, which is dangerously close to many of the coupes offered by Mercedes.

Chrysler is still to make a decision on the Imperial concept, which will share the same platform as the 300C.