Toyota will be unveiling its latest concept at the Detroit auto show - the FT-HS Hybrid Sports Concept. For everyone nodding off right about now, rest assured that this isn’t another one of Toyota’s incredibly bland mass-market offerings. The FT-HS is a 2-door sports coupe that will put out 400hp using the same incredible engine as the Lexus GS450h. By combining a 197hp electric engine with a 292hp 3.5L V6, Toyota has created a sports car version of the GS450h - a car that was supremely quick but turned into a yacht when you wanted to take a corner. And with its light weight, the FT-HS should be able to hit the 60mph mark in just 4 seconds, undercutting the GS450h by over a second.

The FT-HS will seat four, although if previous Japanese 2+2’s are anything to go by, the back seat passengers will be slightly cramped even if they’re contortionist midgets. The coupe has a 50:50 weight distribution and the exterior design of the car is nothing short of stunning. All the hard edges are apparently “aerodynamically functional” – a good justification for the billions Toyota spends on its F1 program.

The concept rides on carbonfibre wheels to keep weight at the corners low for improved handling. Perhaps the FT-HS’s coolest feature is its ability to transform from a 2+2 coupe into a 2-seater convertible with its folding hard-top roof that slides into the back seats. Toyota claims that such a car could hit the market for between $30-40K, but we’re highly skeptical of that figure.

The FT-HS has a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and is similar in size to the Lexus SC430 convertible.

Everything about the FT-HS screams ‘Supra’. It’s been almost a decade since Toyota killed off the Supra but so far a new Supra is not planned according to Toyota. But do we at Motor Authority think it’s a coincidence that this concept was created the same time as the GTR and new Evo X coming out? Nope. Hopefully Toyota has made enough profit selling high-volume mass-market cars and is now branching out into the sports car arena.


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