China’s Chery Automobile Co. has announced that it will reach a million sales by as early as 2010. Reuters reports that last year the company managed to move just over 305,000 units, a jump of 61 percent over its 2005 figure. Chief executive Yin Tongyao stated that "in 2007, Chery will produce its one millionth automobile and will reach annual sales of 1 million autos by 2010."

The next major step will be to promote its export program with a more intensive focus on the US. Recently, a deal was brokered between Chery and America’s Chrysler Group. The new deal will eventually see Chinese made small cars sold under the Dodge brand in the US.

Chery only managed to export 50,000 cars last year, but with a new public share offering planned to help raise funds, as well as another deal with Fiat to manufacture engines in China for the Italian brand, we may see that figure rise significantly.